BlackSheep puts people at the heart of its organizations and offers, through its network of companies, concrete and practical solutions in a variety of fields such as IT, leadership, management and applied research. Its achievements speak for themselves.

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"Walk the talk"

BlackSheep has proven that an alternative model for economic and social governance is possible and efficient. The BlackSheep model is founded on the belief that each individual is an asset to the community, and that all have the opportunity to realise their full potential through meaningful projects.

The companies of the BlackSheep group, called ‘Tribes’, are autonomous and complementary. Trust and respect characterise the relationships among their collaborators, as well as with their clients and partners. Through their combined talents, the Tribes offer innovative solutions that meet the real needs of their clients.

To convert words into deeds, the Tribes and their 150 collaborators apply a “BlackSheep Way of Life”: five powerful commitments that every collaborator strives to embody in all circumstances and relationships with their fellow collaborators, clients and partners :

Believe in what you do

At BlackSheep, we are committed because what we do makes sense.

Challenge the norm

At BlackSheep, we take nothing for granted. We challenge the norm, question ourselves, go off the beaten track and try new approaches.

Create your own solution

At BlackSheep, we don’t limit ourselves to theoretical models, but rather adapt to circumstances.

Be proud of who you are

At BlackSheep, collaborators are more than job profiles: they are a reflection of their life’s achievements. They are not interchangeable, but rather uniquely qualified.

Speak up your mind

At BlackSheep, we don’t tell people what they want to hear. We tell them what they need to hear, always with kindness.

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BlackSheep Tribes are active in Belgium (IT, leadership and managerial innovation) and France (applied research and production).

And because service to the community is not only a matter of individual responsibility, but also of governance and social responsibility, two Belgian public foundations:
Innotopia and Tealium are BlackSheep shareholders.

In France

Our entities invest in applied research, develop innovative products within the group’s philosophy, and bring them to market.

We are currently active in construction, housing, agriculture and recycling. Other activities will follow. The group is also investing in a training centre as a place to discuss, build, and share knowledge.


A company that produces and markets goods created in our research labs.


A company that manages real estate and the training centre.


An agriculture production and research company.

In Belgium

Our IT companies are at the cutting edge of technology and experts in implementing projects with a high risk potential.

As for managerial and governance innovation, our entities have also been involved in practices of agility and collective intelligence for over a decade.


An IT consultancy company that follows the self-management principle.


A Back office service company for companies in transition to collective intelligence.


An IT consultancy company organized on the basis of collective intelligence and participative management.


A public interest foundation, co-owner of the group, that promotes human entrepreneurship.


A public interest foundation, co-owner of the group, that focusses on applied research.


Financial holding company.


Evolution of figures
Our turnover?
A means to an end, not a goal. In 2020 despite the Covid crisis,
over thirty new employees
joined the BlackSheep group.
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