Fulfill your virtuous dreams
while working

Imagine a business that gives you the opportunity to realize one of your dreams.

The Blacksheep Tribes group – in its constant quest for innovation putting people back at the heart of concerns – has decided to launch the campaign Free to Dream. It allows the group’s co-workers to realise one of their virtuous dreams.

By working at Blacksheep Tribes, you will be able to:

Go on a trek in the mountains by sponsoring your ascent to help an association.

Participate with colleagues in a sporting event for the benefit of a cause.

Donate your time to a cause or association.

Let your imagination run wild… Let’s dream together!

Its principle is quite simple

  • Every year for 5 years, each participating colleague receives a sum of €1,000 as a communication budget in the campaign Free to Dream.


  • The budget can therefore reach the maximum amount of €5,000 after 5 years.


  • This budget can be used to achieve a dream, which must be in line with the values of the group: a positive and virtuous dream for people and/or the environment.
For instance
I decide to wait 5 years and I have €5,000
I use my balance of €2,000 after 2 years. Three years later, I have €3,000 available in my account Free to Dream.
Each year, I have €1,000.
They talk about “Free to dream”

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